A moose brought traffic to a standstill near Orchard Park mall Friday

Urban moose stops traffic

Some motorists in Kelowna got a very Canadian surprise near Orchard Park mall on Canada Day.

A moose appears to have become a little lost when it crossed Springfield Road at about 5:30 p.m. Friday and entered the southwest corner of the Orchard Park mall parking lot, near the Old Navy.

One Castanet reader, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the moose ran beside her car on Springfield for a short while, before it crossed the road into the mall parking lot.

“I stopped and the people on the other side of the road stopped and we were all kind of in awe,” the reader said.

“You could tell she was really scared because she was kind of foaming at the mouth from running and just freaking out.”

The moose then made its way to Cooper Road, bringing traffic to a standstill once again, and headed south to the more agricultural area near Benvoulin Road.

“I've seen deer and bear before but never a moose running down Springfield,” the reader said.

“Only in Canada eh?”

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