City woman scared to leave home after Brocklehurst road rage altercation goes viral

Brock road rage goes viral


Pippa Epp isn’t sure what to be more surprised by — the fact no one stopped to help her during a roadside altercation Tuesday in Brocklehurst, or the fact video of the incident has garnered millions of views on social media.

The 24-year-old told Castanet Kamloops she was stopped at a red light at Tranquille Road and Desmond Street just before 9 a.m. on Tuesday when a couple in the car next to her began yelling obscenities.

“He pulled up to me at the intersection, at the lights right beside Tim Hortons,” she said.

“They just started yelling at me. I hadn’t even seen them. I don’t know what they were talking about. There was no one upset on the road — everyone was fine. We were stopped at the light and they just started yelling at me.”

Epp said she tried her best to remain calm.

“I wasn’t arguing,” she said.

“I was trying to be as nice as I could. I was like, ‘OK, dude, whatever — have a good day.’ He was telling me I’m a bad driver and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to tell you.’”

According to Epp, that’s when the man threw a Tim Hortons cup through his open window and into hers, spilling coffee all over the interior of her vehicle.

“Then the light goes green and he cuts me off and goes into my lane and was yelling at me to pull over,” she said.

“I followed him a little bit to Gemstone and then he pulled over and I pulled over.”

Epp said she then took out her phone and hit record. What she captured has now been seen by millions of social media users all over the world.

The video shows a man in a white T-shirt approach Epp’s vehicle and admit to throwing the coffee cup at her. He then threatens to "smack" Epp and appears to challenge her to a fight while a woman, apparently the man’s spouse, tries to calm him down.

“I was terrified, honestly,” Epp said.

“I just wanted to make sure I got his license plate because he threw a cup at me. I wanted to make sure that he was held accountable for that because I was just so taken aback by it.”

Cooler heads prevailed and the man and woman left. Epp said she immediately called 911 to report the incident to police.

Then she shared the video she shot on Snapchat, later posting it to TikTok.

“In a day, it had 400,000 views on TikTok,” Epp said. “Then two or three hours after that it hit a million views.”

The day after the altercation, the video caught an online updraft when it was shared in a new post by a popular TikTok personality. That version of the clip has racked up more than 860,000 views on its own and generated discussion on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

The clip has also been shared by other accounts on numerous social media platforms.

Epp said the whole situation has left her “flabbergasted.”

“Honestly, I couldn't believe that no one pulled over while he was yelling at me,” she said.

“There was a whole bunch of people. There was someone behind me when he threw the cup at me — an older man. He saw the cup thrown at me.”

Epp said she’s spent a couple days this week playing phone tag with police, but she has been provided an RCMP file number and she hopes to see the man in the video charged with assault.

She also said the whole situation has her scared to leave her own home.

“Especially now that the video went viral and people are really hating on him,” she said.

“I don’t know if he’s looking for me or something, so it’s just hard. But the fact that he would even try to intimidate such a young girl really bothers me. I was alone and he thought it was the perfect opportunity to get his anger out.”

Castanet Kamloops has reached out to Mounties for more information about the incident.

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