Horoscope July 3-9

OVERVIEW: Words are more extreme this week. Some threaten to sue or otherwise push their agenda. In most cases this will fail. A dressed up lie will be seen for what it is. Check facts before taking action on more than one level. Many are tired of the way things are. Positions being reviewed show replacement of those who need to go. It will be for the best. Great effort is needed to find common ground. Look at the long view. Talks may be heated or passionate but will bring some results. Don’t flog a dead horse. It’s time to move forward.

Aries: Promote yourself but do it in a way that will enhance your agenda or position. You have drive.

Taurus: Hammer out details involving costs for self or involving others. Adjust to current situations.

Gemini: Check out new or alternate resources. Call those with connections to what you need.

Cancer: Dress to impress. Let your record speak for itself. No reason to use drama. Just relax.

Leo: Seek privacy or a time out. This could involve locations. Travel or move or help others do it.

Virgo: Others need your expertise. Make sure they are not taking advantage. Stay the course.

Libra: Keep expectations low as things will eventually work out just fine. Keep open time lines.

Scorpio: Make sure promises made are followed up with action. Work and health in focus now.

Sagittarius: Take the lead in relationships. Your sense of fairness will be noticed and appreciated.

Capricorn: Do want is needed to clear or streamline backlog. Discuss deals with professionals.

Aquarius: Decide who or what really matters. Assess the pros and cons of choices you have.

Pisces: You can unload or sell if the time is right. Delegate parts to those who can handle it.

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