Nanaimo Bridge is coming down in Penticton as part of ongoing creek restoration work

Goodbye, Nanaimo Bridge

Work on the next phase of the project to naturalize and restore flood protection on Penticton Creek will begin later this week, including the delayed removal of the Nanaimo Avenue walking bridge.

The project will get underway as early as Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

“All work in the creek must be completed during a limited window where the fish won’t be affected,” said the city’s project manager Ian Chapman.

“Crews are eager to get started to meet the timelines and will be moving equipment to the site this week.”

The bridge removal is just the beginning of a series of actions. The city says removal of the bridge is necessary to ensure that the future creek flows, under flooding conditions, can safely pass through this section of the creek.

The remaining major activities are planned to take place in the creek during the annual fish window which this year is scheduled for July 15 to Aug. 30. This will involve redirecting the creek, removing concrete, undertaking earthworks and installing river rock.

While the bridge is being removed, vehicles will need to choose one of the other four routes in our out of the area, namely Pickering Street to Haven Hill Road/Eckhardt Ave., Van Horne Street to Vancouver Ave., Abbott Street to Vancouver Ave., and Westminster Ave. to Ellis Street.

BC Transit routes 3 and 16 were adjusted in June to prepare for the bridge removal.

The creekside walkway and pedestrian bridge over the creek at Norton/Wade will likely be closed throughout the construction period starting in July.

Pedestrians will be detoured around Wade Avenue and Van Horne Street.

Keep up to date on the latest construction information here: www.penticton.ca/restore-penticton-creek.

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