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2021 Beaumont Family Estate Smoke & Mirrors

2021 Smoke & Mirrors

Wine: Smoke & Mirrors, 2021

Winery: Beaumont Family Estate, West Kelowna

Why drink it? Car afficionados? You need to have a bottle of this on hand for the cool label, both front and back. Not many wineries (maybe no others?) can use the phrase “geared down” and have it make sense. An organic Pinot Gris, the pale pink colour comes from skin contact and has a slight golden hue when touched by sunlight. That contact also adds just enough backbone and body to make things interesting. Aromas of stone fruits, lemon peel, and apples fresh from the orchard, followed by matching flavours (the ‘mirrors’) that lean a little more towards a mix of citrus.

Pair with: Chill a bottle for a discussion of the new Elvis movie when you get home from the theatre, perhaps with leftover movie snacks. Smooth goat cheese on crackers with a dollop of apricot jam. Paella might be an intriguing choice, or a lemon chicken dish.

Price: $27

Music pairing: Spinout, Elvis Presley

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