Summerland's 'sunshine list' of employees who earn over $75K grew in 2021

'Sunshine list' jumps up

The District of Summerland has released their municipality’s 2021 Statement of Financial Information, in which their "sunshine list" of municipal employees who earned over $75,000 during the past year saw a jump.

Seven more employees for a total of 45 were added to the list in 2021, which municipalities are required to disclose each year.

A financial report going before council on Monday outlines the list and details the salaries of each employee over the $75,000 threshold, as well as those of elected officials.

According to information in the municipality’s 2021 Statement of Financial Information, the district spent a total of $8,084,136.75 on employee remuneration in 2021, $4,323,211.14 of which went to the sunshine list, which is up nearly $800,000 from 2020.

The highest five remunerations, not including expenses, for 2021 were:

  • Graham Statt, Chief Administrative Officer: $168,983.40
  • Ryan Robillard, Electrical Utility - Foreman: $140,400.6
  • David Svetlichny, Director of Finance: $134,489.00
  • Kelsey Enns, Power Line Technician: $129,658.87
  • Bill Wilson, Electrical Utility - Sub-Foreman: $126,643.75

The salary for Mayor Toni Boot was $37,123.68, while each of the six councillors received $16,705.77, for a total of $137,358.30. Expenses from all of council totalled $6,245.65, which is slightly up from last year, which totalled $4,638.86.

Find the full list of public salaries here on page 54 of the Summerland council agenda.

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