Horoscope June 26-July 2

OVERVIEW: Strong egos and power plays will showcase where the truth is. Some will be more dramatic to grab the spotlight as they feel entitled. Laws will need careful interpretation as this unfolds. Those who backed the wrong horse should step back to avoid scrutiny if they can. Media will be on the hunt with some success. Loyalty will be an issue as well. Those who thought they had power and control could see it slipping away, personally or globally. Redirect force. The new moon affects home and family matters. Regroup.

Aries: You are energized to come forward as you are aware of what is needed. Be the necessary key.

Taurus: Wait until the ink is dry before you let the cat out of the bag regarding important matters.

Gemini: You can work through a shield or protection from others. Check their authority up front.

Cancer: A good week to get your resume out there. Meeting in person will be helpful for you now.

Leo: Put the extra effort in to getting where you want to go. Being generous will open some doors.

Virgo: Others see your worth and this gives you leverage. Make new deals where possible etc.

Libra: You have what it takes to lead or run the show. Others see you know the score for all.

Scorpio: Be where you need to be even if it will try your patience. Check vehicle or equipment.

Sagittarius: A slow and steady pace wins the race. Avoid gambling or speculation for now.

Capricorn: Take action with home or structural matters for you or those needing your talents.

Aquarius: You have power or control behind the scenes. Meetings should be confidential.

Pisces: Others see the wisdom of your advice. Give them time to come around to it though.

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