Kelowna Fire Department douses truck fire on Ethel Street

Truck fire on Ethel Street

Rob Gibson

Emergency crews are on scene of a truck fire at the intersection of Ethel and Fuller Streets in Kelowna Friday afternoon.

An eyewitness told Castanet she saw the vehicle going down Ethel toward Clement Avenue and it was running rough.

“It was one of my neighbours, said Beck Wilson. "He was just trying to drive home and his vehicle was sort of breaking down, and it was kind of tilting back and forth and he was trying to make it turn to make it home. He was literally two seconds from his house."

Wilson said she ran over to try and help when the driver told her to get away because the truck was on fire.

“'No, no, get away, get away, it's on fire.' Flames just engulfed the front end and all underneath was all flames.”

The Kelowna Fire Department has doused the flames and the truck is in the process of being towed from the scene. Traffic on Ethel Street was impacted but the street remains open.

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