Dislikes new movie charge

Cineplex is adding a booking fee. I guess theatre executives are out of touch because the theatres have been empty for two years due to COVID-19, but they think it's a good idea to charge more now.

Most moviegoers pre-order their tickets through the app now so they can get a seat before they sell out, especially on “cheap” Tuesdays, otherwise you can arrive to the theatre and find you can't get a ticket. You also need to reserve your seat now, which can't be done at the concession stand.

Most theatres are short-staffed, so waiting in line just before the movie starts is not desirable. The theatre chains encourage people to use their apps but now they want to penalize you for doing it. Since the theatres make most of their money from concessions, this seems like just another money grab.

As (the character) Gordon Gecko said (in the movie Wall Street) “Greed is good” —at least the theatre executives think so.

I will still go to a movie I like in future, despite this additional charge, but I don't have to like it.

A Mullins

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