Owner of flipped kayak in Nanaimo River apologizes to searchers

Kayak owner apologizes

A woman who came forward to claim a stray kayak that was found overturned in the Nanaimo River this week apologized to first responders who spent time looking for her.

Allison Wasserman, who called the Nanaimo RCMP to let them know the kayak was hers, said she had set out in kayaks with her family about noon Sunday, but ran into trouble and flipped.

Wasserman was bruised and cut and made her way to shore, leaving the kayak stuck under some log booms.

The group decided to leave the kayak and return when the water was expected to fall on Wednesday. But before that could happen, the flipped kayak became a news story.

“I realize now that I should have reported it,” Wasserman said. “I would, though, like to extend a heartfelt thank you and a sincere apology to all of the first responders who attended.

The discovery of the kayak near Nanaimo River Park had prompted a search that included Nanaimo RCMP, the Cranberry Volunteer Fire Department, paramedics and a medical helicopter.

“I am so embarrassed but yet extremely grateful to know that there are first responders trained to respond to there kinds of situations,” Wasserman said. “I have learned a valuable lesson.”

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