Psych report could absolve man who allegedly attacked Keremeos town employees with sledgehammer

Attacker not fit for trial?

Penticton court heard Tuesday that a 41-year-old man accused of a sudden and violent attack in Keremeos may not be criminally responsible for his actions, following a psychiatric review.

Cameron Urquhart is facing charges related to a Jan. 24 incident, where he allegedly entered the Village of Keremeos municipal office wielding a sledgehammer and a knife shortly before 11 a.m., damaging property and assaulting multiple employees.

Defence counsel Michael Patterson spoke Tuesday morning, first addressing that his client is still residing at Colony Farms, which is a secure facility in Coquitlam that treats people who have been found not criminally responsible for a crime or unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder.

An assessment was presented to Judge Gregory Koturbash, who ordered the two sides to make arrangements for a formal not criminally responsible by way of a mental disorder (NCRMD) hearing in provincial court in the coming weeks.

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