Kelowna mother frustrated by speeders on Spiers Road

Spiers Road still a speedway

Southeast Kelowna resident Hayley Reimer says speeding continues to be an issue in her neighbourhood along Spiers Road.

Reimer first talked with Castanet back in October after a fatal car crash in the area. Police say speed appeared to be a factor in the crash.

Reimer has two children and says every time she goes out with them, she has to pay extra attention.

"I can’t help but reach out again, as nice weather is approaching and many times a day I am chasing down cars speeding past," she said.

On Monday, Reimer says a sports car was going roughly 40 km/h above the posted speed limit.

"I was outside gardening with my three dogs and daughter and two men in a sports car race by, followed by a massive screech and bang. I poke my head out and see nothing but dust. No car, no people."

"I hop on my bike to check and at my neighbours place across from me about 15 feet off the main road I see his sports car entangled in their wire fence, a metal gate and some fence posts down," Reimer added.

The community says they would like to see speed bumps installed where possible and RCMP patrolling more regularly.

"This is a family neighbourhood and I’m at my wits end," she added.

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