Walk out at trade meeting when Russia spoke 'not one-off,' says trade minister

Walk out 'not a one-off'

Trade Minister Mary Ng says the walkout she staged when Russia's representative began his remarks at a meeting of trade ministers in Bangkok on the weekend is not a one-off.

In an interview, she says she would be prepared to do it again in protest of the invasion of Ukraine if Russia speaks at other international meetings.

Ng, with counterparts from the United States, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, walked out of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group meeting on Saturday to send a strong message to Russia about its disregard for the rules-based world order.

Speaking from Thailand, she says Canada and like-minded countries planned in advance for the dramatic walkout to happen as Maxim Reshetnikov, Russia’s minister for economic development, started speaking.

Ng was urging other countries to join Canada's public condemnation of Russia, saying it is really important to continue applying pressure on Putin.

She says trade ministers in the Thai capital discussed how the Russian invasion is having an impact in all of their backyards, including through rising energy costs and food shortages.

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