Trudeau conflicts defended

I keep reading about (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau’s “criminal” activities, so I would like to address these issues with some facts.

1. (Former federal justice minister) Jody Wilson-Raybould, a native activist prior to her appointment as justice minister, refused to consider a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) for SNC Lavalin – notwithstanding that the DPA was legal and supported by cabinet. She furthermore refused to give a reason for withholding the DPA, as required.

In my opinion, she should have been fired at that time, given the implications of withholding the DPA.

Trudeau was found to be in conflict of interest for interfering (notwithstanding the precedent-setting Shawcross Doctrine) but there was no criminal activity.

Before leaving (office,) Wilson-Raybould even issued a “practice directive’ to her legal employees to cease adversarial actions against indigenous people. Fair and impartial?

2. Much has been said about the WE issue, and there are many sides to that story and we could discuss them ad nauseum. Is it illegal for politicians’ relatives to make public appearances? Should they be reimbursed for expenses? Should they receive compensation? How does the politician control this?

The inquiry (into the WE issue) found there may have been a perception of conflict of interest but none was found. Again, no finding of criminal activity.

3. While on vacation at the private island of the Aga Khan, Trudeau accepted a free flight to the island without getting prior government approval. That resulted in a rather dubious outcome of him being found to be in conflict of interest because of the Aga Khan’s charitable relationship with the Canadian government – approved by (former Conservative prime minister Stephen) Harper in 2014. Again, no finding of criminal activity.

I await comments from the multitude of Conservatives who accuse Trudeau of “criminal” activity. Please don’t shoot the messenger. Just convince me otherwise.

As an aside, in 2015 there were 17 Harper “buddies” who were under investigation for criminal activities.

Patrick MacDonald

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