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Carbon Tax paid, passed on

Both the provincial and federal governments like high fuel costs because both the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and (federal) Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) are added on top of the Carbon Tax.

Don't be fooled, consumers pay the Carbon Tax three times when they go to fill their tanks. First, to cover the federal Carbon Tax imposed on refineries, the second time for the truck delivering the fuel (which) passes on the (cost) to us and the third time when they actually fill up their tank.

But let's not stop there. If you go to any grocery store you are going to pay the Carbon Tax at least three more times. It is passed on by the trucking companies as all goods are delivered by truck, the second time as the supplier and manufacturer pass it on to the lowly consumer and thirdly from the store itself, as it passes on the tax to (consumers).

So, my unofficial total is each Canadian pays the Carbon Tax a minimum of six times, and people wonder why costs are going up. And that’s not to mention that, as certain product costs go up, so does PST and GST/HST.

My understanding is that people are giving the government post tax dollars, because politicians said they can fix climate change. Right!

Canada, being the 76 most populous country in the world, has minimal, if any, impact on climate (change).

Governments like high prices because tax revenues increase while we pay more and more to get less and less.

I am just tired of my fixed income shrinking because politicians want to use my money for their bad ideas.

Joe Gluska , West Kelowna

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