'Bye Cookie Monster': Kelowna woman rattled after teens throw cookie at her head

Assaulted with a cookie

A Kelowna resident says she is left traumatized after she says a group of teenage girls threw a cookie at her face while riding the bus.

Greta Fader says she was riding a Kelowna Transit bus on Monday near Richter Street and Highway 97 just after 4:30 p.m. when the incident took place.

"I got on the bus and decided to take a seat next to a woman in the aisle. I noticed there were some people in the back of the bus. I did glance at the girls. As I was busying myself on the phone I heard the words 'do you want a cookie.' Then seconds later I had felt serious pain in my ear and the right side of my head. The cookie literally exploded all around me. They threw it at me with no altercation before or anything."

Fader says the cookie was a hard oatmeal Dad's cookie.

"When you look at the ground it looked like the Dad's cookie had been crushed by someone's foot. That is how hard the impact was. I had nothing to do with these girls and they just randomly up and assaulted me. I was furious." she said.

Fader says the group of five girls were roughly 15 years of age.

"When they left the bus the girls said, 'bye Cookie Monster.' The bus driver tried to contact the supervisor. I made a file with the RCMP dispatch last night and I am waiting to hear back."

Castanet has reached out the RCMP for more details.

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