Cyclists aren't special

I recently read an article regarding bicycles not adhering to the laws of the road.

I read it in the morning and half an hour later I was in a bicycle-related incident.

Let me explain. I followed a car to a four way stop. All clear, all ways. That car proceeded through the intersection. I came to a full stop. Again, no cars (coming) in either direction. I looked left, then right and it was all clear.

I started to proceed through the intersection and saw motion to my left. I jammed on my brakes just in time to see a (person riding a) bicycle pass in front of me at a relatively high speed. The rider glared at me like I should have expected him to blow through the stop sign.

If I wasn’t as aware of what was going on around me, I would have either hit him or he (would have) run into the side of my vehicle.

Sadly, had that happened, I likely would have been charged with proceeding without due care and attention or proceeding before the roadway was clear to do so and received nice stiff fine.

If you ride a bicycle, you are not above the law nor are you special.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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