Common sense in renting

What is happening to common sense regarding rental accommodation in this city?

It seems that (rents for) rental units owned privately or by corporations have totally gone insane. I appreciate owners are trying to keep up with other areas of this, and every other city, but stop and think about what your greed and actions will accomplish.

A majority of renters are most likely paying half or more of their salary towards rent, and that leaves little for major items needed to survive. So think about your renters. They are most likely stressed day to day, not caring or keep up your property and living month to month, not able to commit to long-term agreements.

So, in the end property owners have high turn-over situations and have to put more cash into renovating for the next renter.

Then the complaining start, about squatters, tenants who are not maintaining the propert, tenants who have friends living with them and tenants having more rights than (landlords).

I received a letter in my mail box earlier this year from my landlord and his family (telling me) of the upcoming sale of the rental accommodation. Yes, my rental place of 15-plus years. A letter in my mail box, who does that?

I expected one day it would happen but the notification method was unbelievable and unforgivable.

In closing, I hope all renters out there find an affordable and good place to live, and to all property owners out there, some simple and sensible decisions will keep your tenants longer, happier and perhaps (it will be) a win-win for you and I.

Tom Prokop

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