Carbon-free cost too high

According to Aaron Dolyniuk, the executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association, and as reported in the Winnipeg Sun, the cost of a new diesel truck is about $200,000 and the cost of a new electric truck (one that cannot currently be used for long-hauls because of a lack of range and a lack of charging stations) is about $500,000.

When will suitable electric trucks, sufficient charging stations and sufficient reliable electricity all be available? And at what cost? Who knows? If (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau knows, he's not telling.

So, there is absolutely no incentive to go electric, even with rising gasoline and diesel prices and with subsidies to purchase EVs. And, of course, Mr. Dolyniuk says the cost of fuel will be passed along to customers —a much higher cost for anything shipped by truck, which is pretty much everything.

Rising inflation layered on top of rising taxes, that’s a great combination for the working person who doesn't have daddy's trust fund to fall back on.

The singular focus of politicians and so-called experts on eliminating fossil fuels as fast as they can, with no economically viable options available and no regard for any other associated consequences, is going to run our economy and our lifestyle into the ground.

It’s all based on some computer models that claim to be able to not only predict temperatures 50 years in the future but also predict the impact that those temperatures will have on Mother Nature. Remember, this isn't proven science. Rather, they are computer models claiming to predict the earth's climate, which is the most complex system imaginable.

Mark Carney, the former governor of both the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, has predicted the cost to go completely carbon emission-free in the world will be $100 trillion over the next 30 to 50 years.

I seriously doubt the average person, including me, can even fathom that much money.

There is no word on what the return on investment will be, other than saving mankind from certain extinction of course.

Trudeau and his pals are betting the folks at the UN IPCC and at NASA are smart enough and, more importantly, unbiased enough to write those computer models.

I'm not willing to cover that bet. Are you?

Good luck to us all.

Lloyd Vinish, Kelowna

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