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Amy Schneider's Jeopardy! run halted at $1.4M

$1.4M streak on Jeopardy!

"Jeopardy!'' champion Amy Schneider's dazzling streak is over, snapped Wednesday by a Chicago librarian after 40 consecutive wins and nearly $1.4 million in prize money.

Schneider's success put her in the ranks of Ken Jennings, who's serving as guest host, and the quiz show's other all-time greats. It also made Schneider, a trans woman, a visible symbol of achievement for often-marginalized people.

"It's still a little hard to believe,'' she said of her impressive run. ``It's something that I'm going to be remembered for, and that's pretty great.''

New champ Rhone Talsma had the correct response to the final ``Jeopardy!'' clue for a winning total of $29,600. Schneider, who found herself in the unusual position of entering the last round short of a runaway, was second with $19,600.

"I'm still in shock,'' Talsma said in a statement. ``I did not expect to be facing a 40-day champion, and I was excited to maybe see someone else slay the giant. I just really didn't think it was going to be me, so I'm thrilled.''

The answer that stumped Schneider was about countries of the world: The only nation whose name in English ends in an "h'' and which is also one of the 10 most populous. (Cue the "Jeopardy!'' music _ and the response is, "What is Bangladesh?'')

Contestants receive their winnings after their final game airs, and Schneider's spending plans include clothes shopping and, especially, travel.

Schneider's prize total of $1,382,800 puts her in fourth place on the regular-season winnings list, behind Jennings ($2,520,700), James Holzhauer ($2,462,216) and Amodio ($1,518,601).

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