Convoy 'restoring' glory

Re.: Convoy heads for Winnipeg (Castanet, Jan. 25)

I stand with the truckers, but it's not because I'm worried about supply chain issues, although that plays a role.

No, it's about much more than that. The “Freedom Convoy” is about restoring Canada to its former glory. It's about giving people back their lives, both the vaxxed and unvaxxed. We've been stripped of so much in this country, all of us. Covid is here to stay and this virus is manageable without the extremes our politicians and health officials have resorted to over the past two years.

Can anyone say, with a straight face, what has transpired has actually improved our situation? Are we really better off today than we were at the end of 2020?

I think the fact there are over 50,000 donations for the Freedom Convoy speaks for itself. It's time to use a common sense approach, like we've done for all other illness and disease. No more passports, no more restrictions and no more lockdowns. These are not effective solutions and have caused more harm than good.

It's time to start living again.

Adam Fischer, West Kelowna

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