Vernon homeowner captures thief breaking in to his truck on security camera

Prowler caught on camera

A Vernon resident had an unwanted visitor skulking around his property – again.

Dorsey, who asked his last name not be used, lives on Mission Hill and has several stories of people roaming his neighbourhood for nefarious purposes over the years.

The latest incident happened early Tuesday.

Surveillance video shows a person with a red or burgundy backpack, grey toque, dark pants and grey sweater tied around his waste enter the carport.

The man casually walks in and breaks into Dorsey's truck. Video from inside carport only captured the man after he exited the truck after rifling through it.

“At 2:22 a.m. he walked onto the property and at 2:25 a.m., he walked off,” Dorsey says, adding the culprit was likely scared off when the motion-sensor light came on in the carport – which was the same time the carport security camera activated.

Dorsey was working a graveyard shift when he received a digital alert that his security cameras had been activated.

The suspect did gain entry to the truck, but “didn't get anything that matters.”

“He was just looking for change, I think. The ashtray was open and the glove box was open,” said Dorsey, adding his neighbour's truck was also broken into the same morning.

In that case, the culprit broke the centre console of the vehicle.

Dorsey has called police about the break-in. He says his home has been targeted in the past, as have neighbours'.

“I've had batteries stolen out of my RV, my neighbour had a motorcycle stolen,” he said.

Dorsey actually gave chase to the motorcycle thief, who managed to start the bike and get away.

After the battery theft, Dorsey installed the security cameras.

A video from last year captured a woman sneaking into the carport and looking into the home before lighting a cigarette and going to the front of the house.

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