Province warns that some inland ferry services could be temporarily halted due to staffing shortages

COVID could halt ferries

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is advising of possible service disruptions to inland ferry service in the coming weeks.

MOTI said The impact of the Omicron variant and other seasonal illnesses are affecting the availability of crew members.

That could impact staffing for inland ferries, and lead to delays or other disruptions in service.

There are 14 inland ferry routes in British Columbia, including the Needles Ferry across the Lower Arrow Lake, about 59 kilometres south of Nakusp on Highway 6, to Fauquier, on the east side of the lake.

All of the ferries are certified by Transport Canada, which requires a certain number of crew members for the service to operate. MOTI said if the contractor is unable to meet the minimum crew levels, the vessel cannot sail.

Any notices of disruptions will be posted through DriveBC.

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