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Former friend say Ghislaine Maxwell 'was a victim who switched sides'

Ghislaine 'switched sides'

Lady Victoria Hervey says Ghislaine Maxwell was "a victim" who "kind of switched sides".

The 45-year-old socialite has opened up about her former friend, who was convicted by a jury in US federal court in December on five sex trafficking-related counts, which carry a potential custodial sentence of up to 65 years' imprisonment.

Maxwell was convicted for grooming girls for her deceased ex-boyfriend, billionaire financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and Hervey believes that she was a victim of evil Epstein too as he warped her mind to help him in his vile acts.

Appearing on UK TV show 'Lorraine' on Tuesday, Lady Victoria said: "To be honest, I think she was a victim, she is a victim.

"A victim that then became the accomplice as her role changed in that relationship when they were no longer together. She kind of switched sides, I suppose."

She went on to describe Maxwell and Epstein as a double act, and insisted the latter couldn't have worked "on his own."

She added: "I don't think it would have worked with say, just him on his own. It was easier for her to approach other women.

"Being a female, girls would feel less intimidated and less scared, rather than the man - who it would've been a lot more obvious, I think in that respect."

Lady Victoria admitted she feels used through her friendship with Maxwell - which she credits with her status "on the social scene" - but insisted she thought nothing of it at the time.

She explained: "Yes, but I had fun at the time. I was so naive and people in my situation that were really young, of course we were going to get taken advantage of - models got taken advantage of all the time.

"We were just sort of a pretty face to have and entertain people. I was definitely one of the luckier ones and I'm aware of that."

She also commented on Maxwell's friendship with Prince Andrew and said it wasn't something she ever spoke about.

Virginia Giuffre has accused Epstein - who committed suicide in August 2019 - and his one-time girlfriend Maxwell of arranging and forcing her into having sex with Prince Andrew in 2001, when she was 17. Allegations which Andrew, 61, has vehemently denied.

She said: "I mean, she was really quite private about a lot, but obviously they were good friends. You can just tell by the body language when you see people, when they're good friends."

Giuffre filed a civil suit against Andrew on August 9, 2021, using a New York state law that allows survivors of childhood sexual abuse to sue, regardless of whether the alleged crimes took place outside the statute of limitations.

Andrew has repeatedly denied Giuffre's allegations and his legal team recently argued to get her lawsuit dismissed, citing a 2009 deal and $500,000 settlement she agreed with Epstein.

However, the judge in New York recently ruled that the case could continue.

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