Emergency repair in Lavington area, some customers to lose water service

Some to lose water service

Greater Vernon Water wants to notify customers east of Lavington that they will lose water service while operations crews fix a failed air release valve on a large transmission water main.

This will affect properties on Learmouth Road from Park Lane to Whitevale Road, including Rochdell Road and Reid Road.

Customers in the Lavington area may experience lower water pressure or loss of water during the shutdown and repair.

According to Greater Vernon Water, the failure is on a large transmission main, and it needs to be fully drained.

Operations crews are repairing the issue and expect the water outage to be until Monday evening (January 16, 2022) before the system is restored and water service is resumed.

When service is restored, you may experience some turbidity and this is normal.

Residents are asked to run bathtub as well as other taps and appliances on cold water until the water runs clear . Greater Vernon Water will provide an update on Monday morning and will keep customers informed until the issue is fully repaired.

For further information, please call 250.550.3700.

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