Congrats to Castanet

The only way any democracy can work is if we have an informed public.

Very few of us have any contact with our political leaders. We get our information from the media. If the media concentrates on the trials and tribulations of “influencers” and bloggers, then we basically know nothing on how to cast our ballot.

I would like to congratulate Castanet in particular on the story of the career criminal being released. I will not comment on whether I think the judge is right or wrong in releasing this man but it is important what is happening in our courts.

When a politician says we have to find other ways of handling criminals, this person being released into the public is what they are talking about. It's not about a kid of 15 stealing a candy bar, it's (about) a guy with more than 60 previous convictions as that has many more implications for us, the public.

Rick Bigland

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