Should there be more diversity in government in Canada?

Poll: Government diversity

Most people in a new Canada-wide survey say equal representation in government is important, but they don't support employers taking demographic characteristics into account in hiring and promotion decisions.

The survey by the Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan was done by phone between Dec. 1 and Dec. 24. It asked 1,000 people about equality, diversity and inclusion in workplaces and government.

The majority of respondents said they support various minority groups being in government, including women (89 per cent), Indigenous people (86 per cent), persons with disabilities (83 per cent), visible minorities (81 per cent) and members of the LGBTQ community (68 per cent).

The survey also asked if employers should only consider qualified candidates or if they should also take into account demographic characteristics when hiring.

About 60 per cent of those surveyed said employers should only consider how qualified a candidate is, even if it results in less diversity.

"It's the inverse of what folks were saying in the previous battery of questions, saying it's important that these groups be represented," research director Jason Disano told The Canadian Press in a phone interview from Saskatoon.

"Folks like the idea in theory, but when it comes to real-world implications or potential ramifications on them as an individual, that's when they say, 'Wait a minute, maybe let's take a step back from this. I support the idea, but I don't support specific actions to do it.'"

About one-quarter of those surveyed, and most between the ages of 35 and 54, also said they missed a career opportunity or they know someone who missed a career opportunity because of a decision to increase workplace diversity.

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