Highway 1 fully reopens from Abbotsford to Hope

Highway 1 reopens in valley

After devastating flooding and landslides last month, B.C.’s Highway 1 from Abbotsford to Hope has finally reopened to traffic, said the B.C. government.

A final bottleneck near Bridal Falls was opened to two-lane traffic Tuesday evening, linking the Lower Mainland to Highway 3 and the Interior with a better flow of traffic.

Following record-rainfall last month, the Trans-Canada Highway was so flooded along a stretch of Highway 1 in Abbotsford that jet boats could be seen tearing down roads usually teaming with traffic.

The opening follows a massive, three-week cleanup effort, including repairs and engineering assessments of the highway, as well as its bridges and other structures.

Despite the full reopening of the highway, the province is warning drivers to expect slower than usual speeds. Anyone who doesn’t need to travel along the corridor is urged to leave the highway open to allow for essential supply lines to reach communities impacted by flooding and landslides.

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