Concrete poured for Penticton's soon-to-come outdoor ice rink

Key step for outdoor rink

Chelsea Powrie

Penticton, get ready to lace up your skates.

A long-awaited outdoor rink downtown next to City Hall is in the middle of a key nearly-final step Tuesday, as concrete pouring gets underway.

Trevor Nelmes, operations manager with NRGBC Concrete Solutions, was on site Tuesday morning as crews took advantage of the break in snowfall to start getting the ice rink base in place.

"It's probably close to 100 cubic metres of concrete, and it is 6,500 square feet, 52 feet by 125 feet," Nelmes explained.

The rink is the brainchild of non-profit group Activate Penticton, which has been fundraising for years to make the dream of a public outdoor ice facility come true.

The lion's share of funding has come from private donors at a price tag of about $400,000, plus roughly $125,000 kicked in from the city for infrastructure upgrades.

Activate Penticton will operate the facility moving forward, and is hoping for a mid-December opening day. They are still accepting donations towards the rink and its future here.

The concrete base is a promising sign that ice is soon to come.

"We only need about a six to eight hour window to get this cast, and then we'll put the insulated tarps back on, let it rest overnight, and have an arena slab up and running for the upcoming season," Nelmes said Tuesday.

The rink will be open to the public and for special events like the already-booked BCHL 60th anniversary outdoor all-stars tournament in January.

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