Kamloops resident snaps a photo of a massive sign indented into car

Strange sight in parking lot

A Kamloops resident posted a strange photo on a Kamloops Facebook page Sunday.

Orry Roberge shared a photo of a car that had a massive no turning sign indented into the hood of the vehicle.
"Wow! Parked at my building," he said in the Sh** Parkers of Kamloops Facebook page.

The post has received over 121 comments and 25 shares.

"Well, it said don't turn so they didn't turn," a comment said.

"I helped these gentlemen at the scene last night. This accident wasn't all their fault. There was a semi driving rough beside them and he cut past on the highway, which caused the accident. I think we should not judge without knowing the whole scene. Cops said it was fine to drive home with the sign like this, the cop actually escorted them to their doorstep," another comment read.

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