Islamic Centre of Kelowna sends van full donations to Merritt for flood relief

Muslims support Merritt

Cindy White

It was a cold and snowy Sunday, but that didn’t stop members of the Islamic Centre of Kelowna from showing up to finish filling a van with donations destined for Merritt, to help those affected by the flooding in that community.

The fundraiser was a collaboration with the Islamic Circle of North America.

“Both of us pulled together some of the resources in the local community. We collected about 10 grand ($10,000) of that funding. A lot of clothing came in and the van was loaded with a whole bunch of materials,” said Hamid Butt, Secretary, the BC Muslim Association, Kelowna.

They reached out through social media, using WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms to get the word out and gather donations, and Butt said there was quite an outpouring from the community.

One of the volunteers who helped collect the donations was Soumia, who explained that as a mom, she focused on what families would need for their children during the winter months, “Buying some warm clothes, hats, gloves, underwear and also some baby food, diapers.”

The donations will go to Crossroads Community Church in Merritt for distribution.

While more people have been allowed to return to their homes in Merritt, some properties are still under an evacuation order, and many others are uninhabitable. It could take weeks or months to clean up and repair the flood damage.

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