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Exciting career waits for you at Multi-Power Products in Kelowna

Local company, huge reach


There aren’t many companies in Kelowna that can say they do business on seven continents, but Multi-Power Products can.

And if you’re wondering what Multi-Power Products is and does, you’re probably not alone.

The business, which was incorporated in 1984 by Tom Ulm, designs, produces and sells equipment in Kelowna, but nearly every item that is manufactured leaves the Okanagan Valley. And yes, the list of destinations does include Antarctica.

The equipment produced is primarily used for mineral exploration, however in addition they are making great strides into the water well, geotechnical, and foundation drill markets. They know diversification is paramount to sustainability.

And they are so busy at 975 Crowley Ave. that they have expanded again and are searching for new employees to accommodate the growth. Multi-Power Products is unique in the sense that it offers paid training for those who are looking to expand their skills and move up in the company.

“We encourage our employees to grow with us," production manager Scott Graham says. “We value the loyalty of our employees. We’re willing to pay for their education and keep them here and train them.”

Multi-Power Products is hiring in nearly every department, from engineering to sales to production and fabrication. The entire production process is conducted at its Crowley Avenue headquarters, so there is plenty of collaboration among the departments.

That teamwork these days is focused on making environmentally friendly and easily transportable equipment. Portable exploration products help the environment because the companies looking for precious metals do not have to clear cut wide swaths of trees to bring in heavy equipment. Multi-Power Products equipment can be brought in by helicopter or carried in by a group of workers.

“We build drilling equipment that is extremely portable,” sales and marketing manager Thomas Ulm says. “When there’s a mining or exploration company that thinks there may be a deposit in a hard-to-access area, whether that’s literally the side of a mountain in the Yukon or deep in a valley in the jungles of Ecuador or anywhere in between, we manufacture equipment that’s able to drill holes and pull samples, sometimes up to two kilometres into the ground.”

Not bad for a company that started out as a hydraulic repair shop and industrial supply business. Now they are so much more than that, and they are looking for people who are ready to embark on an exciting career. Anyone interested is encouraged to pop into the shop and say hello.

“It’s funny,” Ulm says. “People end up on Crowley Avenue here behind Sun-Rype, because they’re trying to get to Knox Mountain and they’ve missed their turn. They have no idea what we’re doing in this shop. We find it really interesting, and we want people in Kelowna to know that.”

More information about Multi-Power Products career opportunities can be found here.

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