Slope instability causing concern in Tsawwassen neighbourhood

Landslide fears at bluff

Slope instability is causing concern in a Tsawwassen neighbourhood.

An engineering department report to Delta council notes a geotechnical review of private properties has been undertaken to get a better idea of the possible causes of landslide activity.

A review was also undertaken of municipal and private infrastructure.

The Tsawwassen Bluff area contains a steep escarpment with homes at both the top and bottom of the bluff.

Concern over intermittent landslides has been voiced by residents over the years.

A historical review shows 39 landslides between 1956 and 2020.

The most common cause of landslides was heavy, prolonged rainfall during winter months.

A consultant's report indicates city infrastructure is operating properly and that private utility infrastructure is appropriately connected according to requirements.

An interceptor drainage system will be installed as part of future municipal utility installations, where feasible, to reduce possible groundwater migration.

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