Turkeys expected to be pricier, harder to find this Christmas

Turkey shortage this Xmas?

Holiday turkeys will cost more and be harder to find this year because of supply chain challenges affecting Canada's agriculture industry.

Farmers say turkey supplies are at 30-year lows. The supply-managed poultry industry cut production last year because of demand uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flooding disaster in B.C. has closed highways and affected the transport of all kinds of goods, including turkeys. An unknown number of birds were also lost when farms and barns were flooded.

Brian Ricker of Turkey Farmers of Ontario says some butchers are having trouble getting their orders filled. Some retailers may sell out of turkeys entirely.

Ricker says panic-buying isn't necessary, but Canadians may have to visit more than one store to find the perfect holiday turkey.

Turkey prices have also shot up due to last summer's extreme drought which affected the price of feed wheat and grain.

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