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Keira Knightley struggling with family COVID crisis as she promotes new end-of-the-world film

Keira's family COVID crisis

Keira Knightley and her entire family have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a new interview with The Times' Stella Magazine, the actress revealed that she, her husband James Righton, and their two daughters, Edie and Delilah, are all in quarantine following a family diagnosis.

She joked that James is having an easier time with the virus, stating, "(He's) being very smug about it. He is convinced it's because he's one of those cold-water swimmers and I'm not."

Keira told the magazine her new movie, Silent Night - about a family celebrating a final Christmas at the end of the world, mirrored what was going on around the cast at the height of the COVID pandemic.

"We were filming scenes about the shops running out of food at the same time as the news was becoming full of stories that all of the toilet paper had gone," she told the publication. "It was incredibly strange for everyone.

"I think it (film) should come with a warning, because now everybody is coming to the film with a lived experience, hopefully not as horrific as this one, but it has suddenly become a lot more raw."

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