Remembrance Day apology

I am a Canadian who is one of those "anti vaxxers", as we have been labelled, and while I am not against Vaccines that have been tested, I and many more choose to not put my body in harm's way.

My forefathers, many of whom also fought in the First and Second World War, as well as my grandfather, who served in Malta in WW11, so I can write this article and have the freedoms that I experience today in Canada and for whom I will be forever grateful.

These freedoms did not come without a huge price. Having said this, I was not at the Remembrance Day ceremony—the first one I can remember missing—to support the aging vets and not overcrowd the ceremony in the space in West Kelowna, where I live.

Although I was not at the ceremony in Kelowna, and only saw excerpts from it on the news (which I felt were very biased), I want to offer you my sincere apologies for any vet or family member who felt disgusted or angry at what appears to have been a very insensitive sense of timing to have our voice.

Remembrance Day is just that, a very solemn time to take very seriously. It is a day to pay your respects for the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice…period.

I was deeply saddened to see and hear the hurt and anger in our heroes voices.

Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of the many unvaxxed who honour and respect you all.

Deborah Johnston

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