'CAF members' an insult

Shame on (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau…again.

It seems our feckless prime minister’s true colours towards the Canadian Armed Forces are showing loud and clear

He now openly, and on the record, calls our men and women in uniform “CAF members”. How demeaning and pathetic and a slight to those brave men and women.

And in Tuesday’s Throne Speech there was not a word about these "CAF members? stepping up to help British Columbians in their time of need. Not one peep.

It is one thing to be a pacifist, like (his father, the late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau) was, but to so openly show disdain and disrespect to our men and women in uniform, at the same time as he dispatches them to do challenging work away from home - it’s a bit too much.

But what should we expect from (Justin) Trudeau? Sadly, we have more years of this sad and incompetent leadership, not to even speak about Canada’s crashing leadership and respect on the world stage.

He has turned Canada into a joke.

Shawn Thomas. West Kelowna

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