Horoscope: Nov. 28-Dec. 4

OVERVIEW: Those with the right qualifications or who are next in line rise to the position. Their acceptance will be easy as they have been properly groomed or informed. The situation flows ahead in natural order now. There are those who support this and wish to remain in the shadows temporarily; it’s ok. Discuss details with key individuals to make them feel included and secure. This is best done in private. Listen to those who have wisdom or experience so no one has to do things over again. The new moon in the philosophical sign of the archer, Sagittarius will encourage everyone not to sweat the small stuff. Focus on what is most needed.

ARIES: Your efforts to persuade or charm seems to work on those who had some misgivings.

TAURUS: You hold all the reins at the moment so no need to tug on them too hard for now.

GEMINI: Connect with those who can move your agenda forward. Agreements are easier.

CANCER: Focus on career or what you want to do going forward. Show your creativity etc.

LEO: Your luck is high this week so investigate areas where gains can be made . Improve.

VIRGO: Your location or surroundings can be made more comfortable. Others will help.

LIBRA: You can be the toast of the town or get selected for something special. Your turn.

SCORPIO: Your ability to sway others to your side is almost hypnotic. Make it win-win.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon in your sign revives you and brings easy benefits also.

CAPRICORN: Private arrangements work in your favour. Others don’t need the details.

AQUARIUS: Display confidence as you know you have the support or funds you need.

PISCES: Relax in your position as there is no need to worry. Status or reputation good.

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