Police, ICBC urge pedestrian safety as days get shorter

Getting darker, get reflective

As the days get shorter, Kamloops Mounties are reminding pedestrians and drivers to look out for one another.

Police and ICBC representatives were at a busy Sahali intersection on Wednesday afternoon handing out reflectors and offering safety tips.

“Really the responsibility is for both the drivers and the pedestrians, everyone needs to just take that extra moment, slow down a little bit, have that extra look around, make sure it's safe to cross and make sure if you're the driver it is safe to proceed into the intersection,” said Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Dana Napier.

The location — Summit Drive and Notre Dame Drive — was chosen because of its proximity to Sahali secondary.

“When we have a large amount of both [cars and pedestrians], we really want to make sure that people are crossing safely, in a timely manner and still abiding by the the lights and the indications that are put forward to them,” Napier said, adding that cyclists should dismount before using the crosswalk.

“Anytime there's something really quick movement, the vehicles or the drivers might not be able to pick that up and not be able to react in time so always get off your bike, make sure it's safe to cross like you would normally do if you were walking without a bike."

Ingrid Brakop, road safety and community coordinator for ICBC said 44 per cent of collisions in the southern interior between October and January involve a pedestrian.

“We're just asking pedestrians to take better care of themselves by, of course, wearing very reflective clothing,” Brakop said.

Brakop said the risk for pedestrians increases as the days get shorter.

“The messages to pedestrians when it's getting darker outside and it's [winter] weather, snow, sleet, rain — you have got to protect yourself and make sure that you're seen by vehicles and get the driver to pay better attention,” Brakop said.

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