West Kelowna  

Development in West Kelowna is reaching historic levels

West Kelowna's boom

Just like their big neighbour to the east, West Kelowna is in the midst of an historic building boom.

Construction values for the first nine months of 2021 show permits valued at nearly $171 million.

That's nearly double the $94.6 in permits issued for the first three quarters of 2020, and the five-year average of $94.5 million.

"These numbers are unprecedented," said Coun. Rick de Jong when reviewing the figures Tuesday.

"The numbers are impressive, but I worry about sustainability."

Permits issued to date include 28 single family homes, 27 single family homes with suites, two multi-family developments and 14 swimming pools as well as seven new, or renovated commercial operations.

Numbers across all other categories related to development and business also show dramatic increases.

The city has issued 622 separate building permits through the first three quarters of the year compared with a five-year average of 467.

New business licenses (501) is up by 150 while overall business licenses issued by the city (2,553), is nearly 250 more than the four-year average.

Building inspections, subdivision and total planning applications are also ahead of the five-year average.

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