Will you get a Covid-19 vaccine booster when available?

Poll: Vaccine booster shots

B.C. is set to jump aboard the booster bandwagon in a bid to stave off further COVID-19 infections.

The province said Tuesday the new booster-shot campaign will take a phased approach for those 12 and older, beginning this month and extending through to May 2022.

These third doses will be made available to British Columbians who already received their second doses at least six to eight months prior.

The timing will depend on recipients’ ages and risk levels, while vaccines will also be made available concurrently for children five to 11, pending approval from Health Canada.

Higher-risk populations are considered to be those ages 70 years and older, as well as Indigenous populations in rural locations, residents in long-term-care and assisted-living, the immunosuppressed and health-care workers who received their initial two doses at a shorter interval than the general population.

Some of these groups began receiving boosters last month and the new campaign will focus on others in those groups through to December.

The government estimates it will begin administering boosters in January to those considered clinically extremely vulnerable (but not immunosuppressed), health-care workers in long-term-care and assisted-living, health-care workers in the community and then the remaining general population 12 and older.

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