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Equal cash split has kept Duran Duran together for so long, says Simon

Duran Duran still rocking

Duran Duran have stayed together for over 40 years because everyone in the band splits the cash evenly.

Frontman Simon Le Bon insists he, Nick Rhodes and John and Roger Taylor keep the drama to a minimum because no one earns more than anyone else.

"People often say to me, 'What's the secret of staying together for such a long time?'" he tells Duran Duran superfan Jennifer Aniston in a new Interview magazine chat, "and I often say things like, 'We're really great friends, we make each other laugh, we love music'. But the real core of it is that we split the money equally.

"I know so many bands with whom that's not the case, and they're not happy. You start to resent somebody who's earning more than you, especially if you think they're doing the same job as you."

But Le Bon confesses he and Rhodes often clash in the studio, sharing: "Me and Nick are often at loggerheads with each other. We're quite different people and we like different things...

"I guess because I'm writing lyrics and Nick feels that those lyrics speak for the whole band, he likes to have an opinion. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't have a f**king opinion, but he does.

"I've come to know that when he really cares about something, he's got a point. He represents a certain way of thinking, and if you don't appeal to that kind of thinking, as well as my kind of thinking, then you're going to lose touch with some of your audience."

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