Kelowna providing grants to improve neighbourhoods

Cultivating your community

Kelowna residents can turn neighbourhood dreams into reality through the Strong Neighbourhoods grant program, now open for applications for projects taking place from January to April 2022.

“So many great neighbourhood projects have come to life through this grant,” said Tanya Sletten, community development coordinator.

“These projects have given communities in Kelowna the chance to connect during these challenging times while making their neighbourhoods better places to live.”

“In the middle of the world shutting down, this grant project provided a place for people to connect, safely,” added Arlene Hidred, project lead of the Galaxy Quest Free Library.

“With the little free library, people could have a connection with others through the books that were donated by neighbours. This project continues to help our neighbourhood stay connected.”

Kelowna residents interested in planning a neighbourhood enhancing project are encouraged to apply for the matching project grant of up to $1,500 by Friday November 5 to meet the winter project application deadline.

In addition to the Neighbourhood Project Grant, dedicated funding is also available for youth-generated ideas. The matching grant of up to $1,000 is designed to empower youth (aged 13-19) to shape their neighbourhoods into better places to live and play.

Applications for 2022 projects are due by end of day Friday, Nov. 5.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for youth in our community,” said Sletten.

“It gives them the opportunity to be creative and innovative and gives them a real sense of pride as they watch their ideas come to life.”

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