Studies reveal Canadians' favourite winter destinations

Favoured snowbird hotspots

It's that time of year when snowbirds start flocking south for the winter.

And more are opting for a second home away from Canada's snowy winters.

A new study by Point2Homes.com finds that Mexico remains Canadians' favourite destination.

"Although the pandemic hit foreign homebuyers especially hard, it didn’t stop Canadians from trying to find their slice of paradise and buying a new home abroad," Point 2 says.

By analyzing search volumes on Google and comparing desired locations with past years, the study found the 30 most popular home buying locations in the Americas.

Mexico maintained its position as most popular home buying location, with Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Tulum being the most searched destinations.

The U.S. has kept its No. 2 position, with New York and Las Vegas being the most sought-after locations, closely followed by Hawaii and Florida.

Costa Rica earned the No. 3 spot, with 14,840 monthly searches.

Barbados and the U.S. Virgin Islands climbed in the rankings, while Jamaica and Ecuador dropped out of the top 10.

Check out the complete rankings here.

Meanwhile, a separate study by StorageCafe.com revealed its own best destinations for snowbirds in the U.S.

The report analyzed almost 1,000 cities based on 11 metrics, such as average temperature, seasonal housing stock, the availability of beaches and park space per capita, internet speed, accessibility to health care and more.

Florida had no less than 43 cities in the top 100, including Venice, Naples and Dunedin taking the first three spots due to great weather and access to miles of beach, parks and golf courses.

Texas claimed 26 cities in the top 100, while Arizona, South Carolina, and California also had favoured destinations.

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