Green Party lays off core staff members amid financial drought, internal strife

Greens lay off half of staff

Layoffs are once again hitting the Green Party as party brass look to shave costs at an organization facing persistent financial and political woes.

Three senior party officials, who were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about internal matters, say the Greens are temporarily laying off half of their staff, or about 10 employees, effective today.

The sources say Green executive director Dana Taylor is meeting one on one with affected workers throughout the day to inform them.

The culling will affect staff in the office of Leader Annamie Paul as well as in communications and mobilization, marking a partial repeat of temporary layoffs announced last June.

Paul, who announced last month she would resign and has little say in the layoffs, remains in the top spot as she negotiates with Green executives about compensation for costs incurred during legal battles with the party, sources say.

On top of financial issues, Greens face a self-reckoning after last month's federal election where the party maintained two seats in the House of Commons but saw its share of the popular vote tumble to two per cent, capping off a year marked by power struggles, bitter feuds and a defection to the Liberals by a New Brunswick MP.

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