Alex Murdaugh denied bond on $3.4 million theft charges

Murdaugh denied bond

A judge in South Carolina denied bond Tuesday for attorney Alex Murdaugh on the second set of charges he has faced since finding his wife and son dead last June.

Circuit Judge Clifton Newman issued the decision after hearing attorneys describe how Murdaugh used portions of $3.4 million in insurance payments to pay off his father, personal credit card bills and checks to himself.

The payments were supposed to go to the sons of his longtime housekeeper, who died in 2016 a few weeks after falling at the family’s home.

The judge said he was denying bond because of Murdaugh’s financial resources and unstable mental health. He ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Murdaugh, and said he will reconsider his decision after that is conducted.

Murdaugh’s lawyers asked for a personal recognizance bond so he could go to further drug rehab, but Newman rejected that request.

Murdaugh is already out on a personal recognizance bond after his arrest in September on insurance fraud and other charges after police said he tried to arrange his own death so his surviving son would get a $10 million insurance policy.

The would-be fatal shot only grazed his head, authorities have said.

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