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Hugh Hefner's ex convinced Playboy Mansion is haunted

Playboy Mansion haunted?

Late Playboy boss Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Bridget Marquardt is convinced his fabled mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles is haunted.

The Girls Next Door reality star feels certain the old place is full of spooks, and she once saw the ghost of a woman in her bedroom.

"(There are) ghost stories dating back decades from that mansion," Marquardt said during an appearance on the Dark House podcast, explaining the woman who appeared in her room was a former mansion employee.

"My sister, myself, and my friend Stacy were all sitting on my bed," Bridget recalled. "We were talking, having a glass of wine, and the TV was on. All of a sudden, out of the corner of all of our eyes, we saw a woman standing in my closet.

"Of course when I turned to look at it straight on, it was gone... She had black, long kind of stringy hair and she was very pale and very skinny. And she was wearing a white T-shirt that was way too big on her and black acid-wash jeans. She was just standing there staring."

Far from being scared, Bridget revealed she actually recognized the woman: "Before I lived in the mansion I was invited to test for Playmate, and I met this woman who was a social secretary at the mansion. She was super friendly. She was kind of like the house mom. She knew about all the pets and she knew about all the girls. She was just amazing.

"I'm pretty sure it was her who was standing there."

Marquardt revealed there were other spooky goings-on at the Playboy Mansion during her time there, and the place was full of weird vibes.

Hefner once told her the home's original owner had fallen to her death on the estate and famously haunted the grounds.

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