Hello Okanagan visits the Field of Screams ... and hilarious frights soon follow

Who's afraid of the dark?

Vernon's Peter Kaz and David Scarlatescu are back with the latest episode of Hello Okanagan.

This week, the lads get their share of frights at Vernon's Field of Screams, where they go through the haunted corn maze at Historic O'Keefe Ranch.

It doesn't take long to determine David is a real 'fraidy cat, much to the delight of Peter and the rest of the crew.

Even if you don't like scares yourself, Scarlatescu's reactions are hilarious for the comedic value alone.

Kaz struggles to keep it together as his buddy almost jumps out of his skin.

Each week, Kaz and Scarlatescu talk about life in the Okanagan, from music to sports, politics, food, wine, business and more, along with special guests.

The videos air each Saturday on Castanet.

If you any questions or suggestions, contact them via the Hello Okanagan Facebook page.

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