Vancouver comedian makes U.S. TV debut on Late Late Show.
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U.S. TV debut

Vancouver comedian makes U.S. TV debut on Late Late Show.

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Howie Mandel passed out after colonoscopy led to dehydration

Why Howie passed out

Howie Mandel suffered with "consensual diarrhea" before he was hospitalized.

The America's Got Talent judge - who was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after he fainted in a Starbucks coffee store - has opened up on having a colonoscopy in the days before he collapsed.

Speaking to his daughter Jackelyn Shultz on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff YouTube show, he explained: "I had a colonoscopy a few days ago. They empty you out. You take a drink and you empty out. I have consensual diarrhea for an entire night... And then I was dehydrated."

The star noted he started working right after the procedure and started to fuel up on caffeine.

He added: "All I kind of lived on was coffee and caffeine, which also exacerbates dehydration, I was told."

Howie also admitted he doesn't "drink water" - although he has vowed to "moisturize and hydrate from now on" - and this all led to him fainting.

"Apparently, when you do that you will pass out at Starbucks. It was also the cost of the caramel macchiato venti that just threw me over the edge," he quipped.

His daughter laughed at his "consensual diarrhea" line and admitted she was "freaking out" when she heard about the incident.

"I saw TMZ. Well, first mom called me and she goes, 'Don't worry. Everything's OK'," she revealed. "I was worried. She's like, 'We're going to the hospital'. So, I was already freaking out."

Howie - who revealed later on Wednesday he was "home and doing better" - added he doesn't think he "ever lost consciousness" during the incident.

He said: "I just passed out and I got really dizzy and couldn't stand up, but I don't think I ever lost consciousness.

"And I got totally soaked with sweat. For somebody who is dehydrated, I had a lot of sweat in me, so that even exacerbated the dehydration."

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