Horoscope: Oct. 17-23

OVERVIEW: The push for action is more intense with the full moon energy coupled with mercury’s return to apparent forward motion. There will be greater focus on getting going or at least catching up. Try to maintain a position on any ground gained. Some are more interested in working their fantasies into more realistic form or framework. Let go if it does not manifest. Discuss funding with those in control of it or who will be affected by it. Positions shift or change by choice or not as decisions are made. Romantic relationships deepen as they are ready to pop the question so consider your answer. Buy time if you need to. Assess the responsibilities etc.

ARIES: You can convince others to come on board by telling them whats in it for them as well.

TAURUS: Dealing with important matters may have to be handled over distance for awhile.

GEMINI: Some pressure is applied to get information or funding. Navigate this very carefully.

CANCER: Do what you can as others may not be as helpful as you thought. Drop deadwood.

LEO: You may have to rein in your enthusiasm as others are not able to handle it as it is.

VIRGO: Work within rules or structures to gain better status or income while others wait.

LIBRA: Decisions are made and the push is on. This causes a move or change of venue.

SCORPIO: A lot goes on behind the scenes but you are a natural at handling covert info.

SAGITTARIUS: Compare notes with those who have influence or authority. Sort it out.

CAPRICORN: Be the one to keep others on track and all will benefit in the end results.

AQUARIUS: Serious matters will need to be handled in a professional manner. It works.

PISCES: Press for deadlines to be met in a timely manner. This will benefit all involved.


Horoscope: Oct. 10-16

OVERVIEW: Negotiate the long game and what it will be worth in practical terms going forward. Some are at personal intersections in life and need to decide it they have had enough or just want change. If a position is comfortable and secure then its ok to step back and enjoy life a bit more. There is no need to climb every mountain you encounter. Working with those who are well connected or in places of authority will make things easier all round. Brushes with royalty or the rich and famous will be opportune as well. Mercury in retrograde continues so no rush to sign anything unless you are selling. Next week is better for that. Empty trash etc.

ARIES: Check rules and legal status before taking any action. Bide your time with all of this.

TAURUS: Career or business plans unfold in productive ways. You can ease your grip now.

GEMINI: You will have added luck personally or financially. Play to win in all areas. Deal.

CANCER: Organize matters related to residence or property. This includes renovations etc.

LEO: Make plans with others where all will benefit. A pleasant arrangement will develop.

VIRGO: Income or security will be confirmed or you will be in touch with those in charge.

LIBRA: Relax and have a time out. Dust off your creativity or join in with others for fun.

SCORPIO: Seclusion in a special place is worth it no matter the cost or location. Relax.

SAGITTARIUS: Love and loyalty are discussed or shown. This will be important ahead.

CAPRICORN: Arrange for different or more steady income. Decide level or responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Feel more settled in your position or what you know. Confidence increases.

PISCES: Patience pays off when waiting for others to respond. It works for everyone.

Horoscope: Oct. 3-9

OVERVIEW: Passions run high this week and can tip the balance. Try to listen to those with level heads and clear sense of reason before things escalate. Fate controlled unions reach a point of decision. Those that belong together will make future plans. Those no longer suited to each other will go their separate ways and be all the wiser for it. Life is short so enjoy the ride. The new moon indicates a time for a fresh start. Sometimes a change of vehicles is necessary. Travel plans shape up for business or pleasure. Choice of destination will be important for everyone”s comfort and relaxation. Dreams can come true if approached properly.

ARIES: Mate or partnership relationships are the kind that are meant to be. Put doubts aside now.

TAURUS: Work or business plans blossom in ways you had hoped. You can steer the ship along.

GEMINI: Increase your base personally or financially. Pull things together for more control etc.

CANCER: Consider alternate occupations or where they will be carried out. Compare locations.

LEO: You can teach or otherwise be the one looked to for answers or directions. Check info.

VIRGO: You can have more comfort or ease when those who provide it are properly informed.

LIBRA: You are lucky this week as your personal star is on the rise. Dress to impress others.

SCORPIO: New or renewed relationships develop in private. Plans could result in a move.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful or influential people seek you out. Connections will be beneficial.

CAPRICORN: You have luck with career or status now. Have the confidence you can do it.

AQUARIUS: Your influence grows over distance. Relationships deepen in a good way now.

PISCES: Take the reins in finances or anything jointly held. It is timely to meet up in person.


Horoscope: Sept. 26-Oct. 2

OVERVIEW: Release pressure or take foot off the gas as mercury turns retrograde for the next few weeks. This pause can work to advantage for those needing to buy some time. Official matters written in stone may continue but anything not secured will be reviewed to see where it can be updated. Legal challenges should be gone through point by point. Agree on final draft that all involved can live with. Relationships reach a new depth of unity as true feelings are discussed. Loving thoughts can now be spoken. Those who need to step aside will see the writing on the wall; don’t cling. Settle anything outstanding and move on. Dump your baggage.

ARIES: Meet with those who stood by you before as you need each other again. Discuss plans.

TAURUS: Take steps to secure or solidify your future even if you have to navigate circumstances.

GEMINI: Mix business with pleasure and it will benefit all involved. the personal touch will work.

CANCER: Home or location choices are affected by others. A connection to the past is likely.

LEO: Joint efforts still work out even if you have to take on more of the responsibility for them.

VIRGO: Benefits come your way now. Just follow the agreed upon process. Relax the details.

LIBRA: You can be more assertive now. Firm, polite dialogue gets you further ahead as well.

SCORPIO: Keep certain information under wraps for a little while longer. Get together soon.

SAGITTARIUS: An open time line on when to schedule meetings or events works. Discuss it.

CAPRICORN: You are the glue that holds everyone or everything together in organized way.

AQUARIUS: You have influence behind the scenes and are seen as key to the end results.

PISCES: Your charm attracts love, money or influence. Lay out what you really want now.

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